What’s Funny About You?



A Stand Up Comedy Workshop

Writing from personal experience for performance. The focus is on discovering your own unique and authentic comedy voice and gaining the confidence to craft and prepare your story into a short comedy routine by the end of the session. This is an opportunity for stand up comedy beginners or anyone wanting to broaden their skills and uncover the funny side of any situation.

It’s not so much a comedy writing workshop but a rare and unique opportunity to draw on Rachel Berger’s thirty years experience to help you understand your illogical self and what makes YOU funny?

Is YOUR funny, temperament or talent?
How do YOU engage your audience emotionally?

At the end of the workshop everyone does a five-minute Stand Up spot!

“What a fantastic experience - I'm really going to hit the writing and rooms hard and try to make the most of everything you gave me. Your knowledge is a gift. You did a brilliant job (and managed to power through what was clearly a very taxing day for you, in terms of keeping things moving along and giving us as much useful information as possible). I really don't know how you could have done much better without cracking our skulls open and physically rearranging our brains.”

Dan Walmsley

“I just wanted to let you know that on the back of the confidence I got from going to your Masterclass last year, I entered Raw this year. It, in turn, gave me a great deal more confidence, and I even came runner up.”

Tracy Crisp

Numbers: limited to 12 people.

Duration: 10am-5pm.

This workshop can be booked for a corporate group up to 12 people.