To impose change from outside is seldom as effective as discovering the seeds of change internally.


Laughter Diagnostics ™

Discovery and change through laughter; taking your problems less seriously.

Research in the fields of medicine and marketing has shown the power of humour in affecting both data retention and rates of behavioural change. 


“The exact effect of humour on the central nervous system is not fully known, but it is theorised that increased catecholamine levels are responsible for the beneficial effects humour has on mental functions, including increasing interpersonal responsiveness, alertness and memory.”

Fry WF The Physiologic Effects of Humour, Mirth and Laughter Jama 1992


No matter what the industry, businesses are increasingly driven to pursue continuous improvement in all aspects of their operations in order to gain strategic advantage or that important edge in the market. Ever changing KPIs for performance improvement may seem impossible to meet with misunderstanding and miscommunication among management and staff, often resulting in increased levels of collective and personal stress and dissatisfaction.

Rachel Berger is highly skilled at business diagnostics, issues identification and facilitation of resolution processes. She understands that achieving corporate goals should not be at the cost of diminished personal purpose, control, commitment, focus and wellness of your most important resource: your people.

  • Rachel will first meet with senior management to identify barriers to achieving high performance KPIs at a business, team and individual level.

  • She will then strategically develop and facilitate a workshop with your target audience to investigate and challenge the motivators of existing behaviours and the disconnect between desired and actual outcomes.

  • This phase of discovery is then followed by an evaluation phase consisting of a written report offering recommendations or points for consideration with a follow-up meeting with management.

  • A strategic pathway for rehabilitation can be developed if necessary. This establishes a foundation for growth that can be built on over time, and the creation of principles to guide the organisation as it moves forward.

  • Rachel has a life-cycle approach to this work. Generally three months after recommendations have been made, (this can vary depending on the time it takes to implement change) she follows up with a meeting to assess the efficacy of the strategies and to determine whether further planning is required.

Rachel connects with audiences both large and small. Her unique skill is to create a safe environment for discussion and the opportunity for participants to sift through what feeds their anxieties and prejudices.

“Rachel was an incredibly generous collaborator in helping us design and deliver the best possible content based on her wealth of experience. On the day she was an engaging presenter and contributor who connected with our team through relevant and valuable perspective that could be practically applied in their everyday.

The life skills that a comedian masters are those that are so fundamental to success in the corporate world - resilience, confidence, creativity, self-awareness and of course, the ability to laugh at yourself. Rachel has these in spades but where Rachel's value truly lies in the context of learning and development, is the unique ability to be able to share these skills with others.”

Kate Day
Head of Create
NOVA Entertainment


“ Working with Rachel Berger was an absolute treat. In a weak moment I had agreed to stand up in front of 150 work colleagues and try to be funny. Normally I can't even make myself laugh. I had no ideas and no time, but Rachel wasn't going to be deterred! Rachel gave me an environment where I felt comfortable and could be open. After talking through potential issues, she was also able to see the essence of the things we talked about and helped me develop a routine that made people laugh and didn't leave me looking like an idiot.”

Merita Tabain
Executive Director Strategic Communications
Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development

Her disarming style and use of humour puts participants at ease encouraging them to talk about what’s really on their mind, rather than what they think the boss wants to hear. Through laughter, and a process of guided discovery she drills down into the essential causal factors that can then be tackled as a cohesive group.