Winner of the Gold Award for Comedy and Humour - Rachel Berger. She won on all judges' cards.         

Australian Sporting Industry Awards 



Rachel Berger is one of Australia’s most highly regarded, adept, and adaptive comedic talents working variously as a comedian, broadcaster, novelist, columnist, agitator and television entertainer.

Rachel believes that laughter is a powerful tool able to communicate a potent message. With this in mind she’s been invited to appear at events as diverse as hosting a public forum on Climate Change with world-leading Climate Change expert Stephen Schneider, to writing and performing in Diversity Works, an educational training DVD for the Council for Equal Opportunity in Employment and as a special guest performer at a Positive Living Expo for Women with the overall aim to reduce the harm associated with gambling.

With her unique ability to connect with an audience, Rachel is also a superb Corporate Speaker and MC.

Held at the National Theatre Melbourne, the annual WHW Comedy Gala – now in its third year – is the event that launches Australia’s largest health awareness campaign. Like our tagline – ‘Women’s Health. Powerful Stuff’, Rachel also believes in laughter as a powerful tool to communicate a powerful message. In a night of rib-tickling, gut-busting belly laughs she expertly and deftly wove important health messages into her conversation with the audience. Rachel’s distinctive style and voice not only contributed to the success of this important event, but – more importantly – helped us to reach out to the wider community with humour, which is so important in our mission to engage and inspire all women to make their own good health a priority.

Brenda Jones
Campaign Manager, Women’s Health Week Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

Jean Hailes Gala 2019

Andrea Jones, the Editor of Home Beautiful magazine, “Rachel’s presentation was funny and, especially important, it was relevant. We have been inundated with compliments on the success of these awards and it is true to say that Rachel's performance made us, the client, look good.”

And the organising committee for the Australian Market and Social Research Society Conference, had this to say, “We especially loved the way you thoroughly researched our industry before the night, and wove your understanding and insights into the performance. It was a rousing, hilarious and highly relevant kick start to our conference.”

After meeting with you to identify your needs and expectations, Rachel will undertake further research to develop a presentation that is completely tailored, relevant and meaningful to your audience: be it an internal corporate or broader industry conference, special event or another themed requirement. Her unique skill is to quickly capture and understand the key issues and seamlessly integrate them into comedy content that can persuasively target your audience.

Rachel works closely with you to establish a clear understanding of your purpose for the event, your expected or ideal outcomes and to gain a deep understanding of your audience and their idiosyncratic traits as a group or as individual characters.

“She scored more nines and tens on the audience satisfaction scale than a Russian ice skater at the Winter Olympics. Rachel was considerate of our theme and incorporated it smoothly into her routine.  I believe the evening was a success because she had the ability to become a local for a night and relate to our audience on a personal level.”

Yvonne Lewis
Tough Times Tough People project in Lower Hume
Lower Hume Primary Care Partnership

“A delight to work with. Co-operative, humorous - got the message across. We really enjoyed working with Rachel.”                 

Kimberley Clark


Client Testimonials

“Rachel was professional and easy to work with. She won over a room full of senior executives and engineers with her natural style, sharp, funny and relevant observations and her ability to read the audience.”

Moreen Lyons

“Rachel’s professional approach to the whole night was wonderful. She made a room full of journalists and media, sit up, listen and laugh…..that’s no easy feat in anyone’s book.”

Anna Magnus
State Media Awards

“I am aware of the great energy, sensitivity, and professionalism with which you embraced the opportunity, right from the pre-planning stages. From the regular meetings with ECCV staff to fine-tune the running order, to the wealth of suggestions about how proceedings could be improved, to your remarkable ability to engage the crowd and progress the day itself, your experienced hand and eye for detail were integral to the success of the day.”

Sam Afra
Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia

“Your wonderful MCing contributed significantly to making the ceremony both memorable and celebratory while not minimising or trivialising the very serious topic of family violence. Your skilled approach kept the audience engaged and created an event with lots of movement, light and shade. Our steering committee is indebted to you for your thoughtful suggestions and technical advice that assisted us in making the event flow smoothly and professionally.”

Fiona McCormack
CEO Domestic Violence Victoria

“We were very pleased with Rachel's performance. Given only one hour's preparation with us, she incorporated a great deal of information about the firm and notable characters within it. She'd clearly done really good research in terms of accounting phrases and recent industry happenings. We'd been worried that she mightn't appeal to everyone, being a professional firm but absolutely everyone thought she was marvellous.”

Price Waterhouse, Melbourne

“Your engaging, passionate and thoroughly professional approach to what you do is to be commended. We were particularly impressed with your organisation and attention to detail with regard to the event as a whole. The shrieks of laughter throughout your performance and thunderous applause at the end are testimony to how entertaining you were. Without exception, everyone in the room fell about in fits of laughter, tears in their eyes and holding their bellies as they tried to regain some form of composure. We would absolutely recommend you to others attempting to organise a memorable evening. The performance exceeded our wildest expectations!”

Zoe Jordan
Manager Communications Joanna Briggs Institute


Rachel’s Corporate Biography 

Rachel Berger’s biography can be download here