“Australian comedian Rachel Berger is one of the sharpest comedians of either gender or hemisphere.”

The List, Scotland


RACHEL BERGER is one of Australia’s favourite stand-up comedians and a woman of remarkably diversified talents. In addition to playing the xylophone and carving avocado pips into small Buddhas, she’s recently stopped feeling guilty. Her material encompasses contemporary lifestyles, offering a hilarious and poignant expose of human foibles.
There are no cows too sacred for this Berger.  

Rachel's high public profile has done much to establish the position of women in comedy, providing a distinctive voice for women’s opinions and viewpoints. 

Rachel Berger Australian comedian

“It is the offbeat observation, the incisive knack of showing up everyday events for the ludicrous pantomimes they really are that separate the women from the girls ... in this department Australian Rachel Berger is a real Star.”

The Guardian, London 

Rachel Berger - comedian in Australia

Berger With The Lot


"Berger, queen of stand-up satire and dominatrix extraordinaire of audiences. She's loud, she's brash, she takes no prisoners ... she's just so excellent." - The Australian

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Rachel has been a regular columnist for The Weekly Review, The Age, The Sunday Age, Sunday Herald Sun as well as national magazines such as New Woman and Rolling Stone.

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Rachel Berger is one of Australia’s most highly regarded comedic talents working variously as a comedian, broadcaster, novelist, columnist, agitator and television entertainer.

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Rachel Berger’s story is one of triumph and success. A story that makes you believe in the strength of the human spirit and the power of laughter to overcome the most gruelling circumstances.

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“She could make the Sphinx crack a smile.”

The Sun Herald, Sydney